Join us!

Post written for the “Set Up Shop” contest on Damian Marley’s Facebook page

I’m not gonna bore you with the story of how I got into this almost 10 years ago as a rollerblader, or how I started my first fashion brand 6 years ago, but what I want to say it’s that I’ve been in this scene for a long time and my mission is to do everything I can to take it to the next level. I’m talking about urban culture in Romania, about all the talented artists that draw that inspiration from the urban environment, and what I mean by “artist” is anybody who produces anything of value for this community, anything that makes people think and feel in a certain way, not only “art” in a conventional way which implies the very barriers we want to break  from.

What I think this community is missing is Unity. We are all doing our thing, we have a small community of friends and friends of friends who know and respect what we do, but we cannot break through and cannot compete with the culture that’s being promoted in the mainstream media, a culture, or better yet a non-culture, of obedience and consumerism. I think the reason for this is all the hate we have between us, based on a mentality that you have to step on others to reach higher.

We say you can get higher by working together, so we are calling for everybody who considers his or herself part of the Romanian urban culture to join us and become a stronger organism that will be seen outside of our small circles and provide a real alternative to the young generation, an alternative that promotes our values, our history and our artists.

So stop the hating, and join us under one identity, one brand, one brand for all the “anons” out there, the Anonbrand.

Write us at whatever you’re doing inside this community, and we will try to find a way to work together or to promote you so that together we can get to the next level.